Did you know:

When a contract is accept by the seller, a buyer has 10 days (unless otherwise stated in contract) to do a home inspection, termite inspection and radon inspection. There are many good Home Inspection companies that will come in and do a thorough inspection that include plumbing, electrical, and structural. This means there are no surprises with potential problems that could arise. Ask you agent a list of Home Inspectors or how to locate one.

FHA has changed the way they do appraisals on homes. They now inspect the home but this in no way should be considered a home inspection. The appraiser is looking for items on FHA guidelines. They are looking out for a lending institutions best interest not the buyers.

Home Warranties are made available to both Buyer and Seller. The Seller is not required to pay for a Home Warranty for the Buyer. You should protect your investment the first year in your new home even if you pay for the Home Warranty yourself. You will not be surprised with any big repair bills.

If you are concerned about Crime Rates check the Internet or local newspapers. Many local newspapers carry articles about Crime statistics and occurrences on a weekly basis if not daily basis.

Ask questions throughout the home buying process, many realtors will explain things from the beginning to the end of the transaction but sometimes overlook a detail or an area that may be more important to you.

How do I figure out the heating and utility costs of a home I want to buy?

Ask the sellers for copies of utility bills from the past year. Also find out the age of the home's major appliances and its mechanical systems--furnace, hot water heater, air conditioning, plumbing, and wiring. Ask the sellers to provide you with a Seller Property Disclosure Statement. This should include any repairs and modifications they have made to these systems, including when they were installed or repaired. You can request this information as a condition of your purchase offer and make your offer subject to your approving this information within several days of receiving it.

If the house is right and you are concerned about the utility bill, SRP and many local utility companies will be glad to give you the highs and lows for the year. SRP: 602-236-8888