Information Needed at Your Mortgage Application:

1. Social Security Numbers, Card & Driver License.

2. Residence Addresses - past 2 years.

3. Names and Addresses of each employer - past 2 years.

4. Gross Monthly Salary.

5. Names, Addresses, Account Numbers & Balances of all Checking and Savings Accounts.

6. Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, Balances and Monthly Payments on all Open Loans.

7. Addresses of other real estate owned.

8. Loan information on other real estate owned.

9. Estimated Value of Furniture and Personal Property.

10. VA Certificate of Eligibility or DD214's

11. Money for Credit Report and Appraisal

12. Year- to- Date Paystab and 2 Years' W2’s.

13. 3 month's Bank Statement